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4-day intensive

august 27-30 / tuesday-friday / 10am-5pm / $475+Gst
INSTRUCTOR: Justin Ogilvie
In this newly designed four-day intensive, you will learn how to create expressionistic figure paintings with powerful realism and exciting brushwork. 
Bringing together traditional and contemporary techniques, emphasis will be placed upon creative experimentation with colour, composition, glazing, texture, and mark making.

Working from the live model, photographic sources as well as exercises designed to stimulate your imagination, you will complete a series of paintings ranging from realism to abstraction, opening the door to a whole new way of painting.

Whether focusing on the full figure or the portrait, the instructor works with you at your own pace, offering technical and creative guidance, live demonstrations and brief lectures.

Also included is a 30-minute slideshow about historical & contemporary expressive figurative artists.

Oils & Acrylics
Previous painting experience
9 Seats

learning outcomes
In this four-day intensive, you will learn a wide range of topics, including:
  • Creating ‘natural’ & ‘artificial’ skin tones
  • Alla Prima (wet-into-wet) & indirect painting (wet-over-dry)
  • Glazing techniques
  • Underpainting in grisaille & imprimatura
  • Utilizing full colour palette
  • Warm & cool temperature shifts
  • Soft, hard & lost edges
  • Broken brushwork & blending
  • Palette knife application
  • Creating dynamic composition
Register here today to ensure your spot, as seats are limited and fill up quickly.
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