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weekly classes

expressive figure drawing
saturDAYS 10am-1PM
INSTRUCTOR: Justin Ogilvie
In this class, you will learn how to create expressive and exciting figure drawings by experimenting with various drawing media and mark-making to develop your own unique approach.
You may choose to work with one medium of your choice (charcoal, conte, graphite, etc.), or delve into a mixed-media approach (oil pastel, ink, collage, etc.) on both traditional and alternative papers.

The instructor works with you at your own pace, offering technical and creative guidance, as you work from the live model, well-lit photographs, master copies, and plaster casts.

Each class is supplemented with brief demonstrations, individual and group feedback, and suggested homework exercises.

Also included is a 3-hour demonstration once per month, in which an expressive figure drawing is created from start to finish, with the instructor explaining the process step-by-step.
learning outcomes
In this class, you will learn a wide range of topics, including:
  • Using dry pigment: conte, charcoal, chalk pastel
  • Using wet pigment: oil pastel, ink, crayon, acrylics
  • Creative mark-making
  • Integrating ink & acrylic paint with drawing media
  • Creating painted backgrounds for drawing
  • Working on traditional papers: white, mid-tone, black, etc.
  • Working on alternative papers: mylar, yupo, collage surfaces, etc.
  • Short drawings: gestures, line of action & movement
  • Long drawings: expressive realism & composition
  • Geometrical shapes & planes of the body
  • Sighting & measurement techniques
  • Shading techniques in various media
  • Fundamentals of line, value, mass & volume
  • Working from imagination
class format
  • Live Model Sessions:
    June 22 + 29 // July 27 + August 10
  • Master Copy + Photo Sessions:
    July 13 + 20 // August 17
Register here today to ensure your spot, as seats are limited and fill up quickly.
materials list
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