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weekly classes

still life painting
wednesDAYS 10-1PM
INSTRUCTOR: Steve Williams
In this class, you will learn how to create realistic and dynamic still life paintings. You will develop a deep understanding of traditional techniques, as well as explore contemporary approaches in paint application.
All levels are welcome, with beginners studying simple objects in monochrome, and advanced students painting complex compositions with a full colour palette.

The instructor works with you at your own pace, offering technical and creative guidance, as you work in oil or acrylic. In-class resources include plaster casts, well-lit photographs, master copies, and a variety of still life objects.

Also included is a 3-hour demonstration once per month, in which a still life painting is created from start to finish, with the instructor explaining the process step-by-step.

Each class is supplemented with brief lectures and demonstrations, individual and group feedback, as well as suggested homework exercises.
learning outcomes
In this class, you will learn a wide range of topics, including:
  • Creating three-dimensional form
  • Painting various surfaces and textures
  • Perspective
  • Composition
  • Colour theory
  • Block-ins
  • Hue, value & chroma
  • Warm vs. cool light
  • Limited & full colour palette
  • Brushwork
  • Poster studies
  • Shimmering light effects
  • Object ground relationship
  • Sighting & measurement techniques
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