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john singer sargent: alla prima & brushwork bravura
march 9 & 10
INSTRUCTOR: Steve Williams
In this weekend workshop, you will learn John Singer Sargent’s unique and exciting approach in alla prima (wet-into-wet) painting.
You will explore the use of gestural, descriptive and elegant brushstrokes, bringing a fresh, lively feeling into your work.

Working from a master copy, you will create a fully finished portrait painting, learning Sargent’s approach step-by-step.

Beginning with a drawing using burnt umber, you will then use painterly, bravura brushwork to describe various surfaces (skin, hair, clothing, jewelry, etc.) with an economy of means.

The instructor works with you at your own pace, offering technical and creative guidance, along with brief lectures, slideshows and demonstrations throughout the weekend.
learning outcomes
In this workshop, you will learn a wide range of topics, including:
  • Developing brushwork bravura
  • Creating skin tones with a limited colour palette
  • Depicting different textures: skin, hair, clothing, jewelry, etc.
  • Soft, hard & lost edges
  • Hue, value, and chroma
  • Figure in space
  • Warm & cool temperature shifts
  • Turning form
  • Palette knife application
Register here today to ensure your spot, as seats are limited and fill up quickly.
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