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how do I pay?

You have three methods to pay: online, cheque, or cash.

However, we encourage you to pay online, as you’ll be able to book classes right away with our easy-to-use system.
You can pay online with a credit card or a debit card (that has an expiry date and CVC).

You can then pre-book classes in our easy-to-use booking system.
You can pay with cheque, by mailing it to: Canvas Method, 1710 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5N 4J8. Please note that this a special address for receiving cheques, not the school itself.

Please mail the cheque with a note including your full name and email address clearly printed.
If bringing cash, please bring the exact amount in an envelope with your name and email address clearly printed on it to Canvas Method at 2061 Yukon Street, Vancouver, V5Y 3P1.

To pay for for future classes you’d like to attend, please deliver the cash up to 15 minutes after the end of any class.

Please do not drop-off cash during class times, as the studio door will not be opened during class. Your envelope must be handed to a Canvas Method instructor, please do not deposit cash in the mailbox outside the studio.

Cash drop-off schedule:
Monday–Wednesday: 1:00–1:15pm / 9:30–9:45pm
Saturday & Sunday:
1:00–1:15pm / 5:00–5:15pm

: Upon receipt of payment with cheque or cash, we will email you with your login information so you will be able to book your classes.