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Canvas Method Adult Art Classes in Vancouver, BC

our method

Canvas Method is a representational drawing and painting atelier located in Vancouver, Canada.
what we do
The unique structure of Canvas Method offers artists an opportunity to build and develop their practice in an encouraging and rigorous environment, surrounded by the artistic community and supported by new ways of thinking about art.

All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced. The end goal is to produce world-class artists who are able to produce technically impressive drawings and paintings that hold up conceptually within the contemporary art world.
why we do it
Many artists struggle to progress in their painting and drawing abilities at a fast-enough pace and often feel isolated and stuck in the development of a body of work.

We provide a welcoming and nurturing environment that not only pushes your representational abilities beyond what you thought possible, but also encourage new ways of thinking about art making and how to express your thoughts in both a poetic and intelligent manner.
how we teach
Within a group class format, the instructor works with you at your own pace, offering technical and creative guidance, as you work from the live model, well-lit photographs, master copies, and plaster casts, using a wide range of drawing media.

We focus on painting and drawing from life, from photo and from copying master paintings. The school hires professional live models, as well as provides a wide range of still life objects and color prints of master paintings for study purposes.

Ongoing lectures and demonstrations are integrated into the curriculum, offering thorough and focused exploration of subject matter pertaining to the course.
learn the rules.
break the rules.
find your voice.